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Educational Services

We process applications on behalf of our overseas partner institutions.


  1. Our team is uniquely positioned to assist and advise candidates in securing admission to the schools of their choice and particularly in visa counseling.
  2. Our counselors and enrolment specialists have vast knowledge of the both local and overseas higher educational institutions, embassies and border agencies, visa processes and scholarship programmes.
  3. Our expertise in both the local and overseas higher education systems enables us to assist our candidates and alliances in optimizing cost along the entire admission-enrollment process, from getting admission to travelling and securing a suitable accommodation.
  4. We have participated in numerous UK agents’ training programmes and other career counseling sessions.
  5. We have dedicated Counselors who help our candidates in accessing available scholarships for their courses of choice.
  6. Our experience in visa counseling and application processing is garnered from our direct involvement with, and sometimes personal experience of oversees institutions and government agencies.

Some of our Current Institutional Partners

  • Aston University, Birmingham, UK
  • Coventry University, UK
  • Reading University, UK
  • University Canada West, Canada
  • University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Mohawk College, Canada
  • Riddley College, Canada

Partners on Study Group/Pathway Programmes

  • Lancaster University, UK - Study Group
  • University of Leicester, UK - Study Group
  • University of Surrey, UK - Study Group
  • University of Sussex, UK - Study Group
  • University of Stirling, UK - Study Group

Partners on Study Group/Pathway Programmes

  • Brunel University - LIBT Navitas
  • University of Plymouth, UK - PDIC Navitas
  • University of Portsmouth, UK - ICP Navitas
  • University of Hertfordshire - HIBT Navitas