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Advanced Financial Analyst Development Programme

The programmes are designed to give participant’s best-in-class hands-on training, and a passport to a successful career to the extent that they are able to perform excellently in different functions (sales, marketing, finance, operations, customer services, etc).

I have also attached our company profile, capability statement, and training calendar for 2019 for your perusal and consideration.

Below is course synopsis for your attention:

Financial Modeling is the task of constructing excel based quantitative models of the real-world financial and operational situation of any business. Financial Modeling is one of the most sought-after courses especially by those whose jobs largely involve financing, projections, and forecasting. This 3-day intensive programme as we have designed it uses both the principles of Financial Analysis and the powerful Tools in Excel to identify KPIs and strategic drivers that can enhance maximization of shareholders wealth. The development of sophisticated financial models is crucial for determining the viability of new business initiatives, raising capital and for competitive intelligence.

The objective of a financial model is to forecast the future performance of a financial asset, portfolio, company, project or any form of financial investment.

Become proficient in advanced Excel Functions and Charting Extract financial statements from a company's website Data cleansing and preparation using Excel skills Identify uncertainties and scenarios. Ability to present models in a comprehensive manner Build Automated Financial Models using forecasting and what-if analysis; Building KPIs & other financial models. Learn what financial modeling is and how to create financial models. Analyze modeling techniques and strategies to reduce errors in modeling

3 Days

Financial models can help evaluate the financial of risks associated and take decisions. They can be utilized to devise an effective financial statement reflecting the finances and operations of the company. Help plan, design and create models specifically suited to your environment, to be able to present results to management to support informed decisions. Create flexible, reliable and robust financial models that can incorporate organizations' own needs over time. Monitor and understand how to quickly detect errors in the models and correct them without adverse effects. Financial Modeling is the key to business decision-making. The models allow organizations and industries to explore outcomes under different scenarios

  • Investment and Commercial Bankers
  • Asset & Portfolio Managers
  • Estate Developers
  • Financial Officers (middle and senior management level)
  • Treasury/Budget Officers
  • Risk/Audit
  • Audit Managers
  • Financial/Business Analysts
  • Persons involved in the construction
  • A team of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) in Africa
  • Our trainers pride themselves on the ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and simplicity
  • The faculty for these programmes is among the best in the country and very exposed.
  • Possession of extensive years of consulting, training and practical experience working locally and internationally.