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Acquire Sales & Marketing Skills

Set Your Path For The Right Career

Our Sales Finishing School prepares young talented graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become work-ready for great Sales careers. For three years now, we have been supplying firms with direct staff who have gone through our sales finishing school. We are currently in partnership with the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) to help Sales Professionals to get certified with them.

SFS Enhances Capacity

Immediate Response To Industry Demand

Improving the capacity to supply(quantity) and capacity to deliver services(Quality )

Strengthened Institutional Capacity

Practical avenues for public private partnerships

Skills Development Platform

Employability increases the capacity of a person getting and maintaining a fulfilled career

Economic Development

Increased talent pipeline attracting more service providers to invest in the country

SFS Benefits

Acquire Sales & Marketing Skills Deployable in the USA, UK, Canada E.t.c
Build Requisite Employability Skills
Connect For Opportunities
Opportunity For One Month Internship Training With Top-Organizationas
Enhanced Management & Leadership Skills
1 Day Interaction With Prospective Employers
Enhance Retention On The Job


Entry requirements: HND, BSC, NYSC, 0-2 Years Work Experience.

Interested in advancing your career? Contact us,  07050415550

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